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                                  EXOTIC ANIMALS THRIVES IN JOVANA FARMS

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We specialized in supplying of Exotic Games/Zoo Animals such as: Antelope, Monkey, Lion, Elephant, and Tortoise, Crocodile, Leopard, Tiger, Ostrich and different types of birds.

Grasscutters, Hippopotamus, Hyenas, Gazelles, Hybrid rabbits, Cats, Parrots, Gorillas, Eagles, Peafowl, Squirrel,  Python, Chimpanzees, Cheetah, Porcupines, Bush pigs, Buffalos, Giant bush rats, Laboratory mice/rats, guinea pigs, etc

Our mission- Why do we raise and care for these animals? We have a deep respect and love for all our animals, and we want to share that and our experiences with other people.

Our number one priority is the well-being of our animals and where they go if they leave.  We want to ensure that you are able to meet the needs of our exotic. Not every animal is suitable as a "pet" and not every home is suitable for an exotic.
Many of our offspring reside in zoos, countless educational programs, school classrooms, research institutions. Our clientele consists of celebrities, Kings, Prince and Princess, Politicians, Retired officers, vets and we work with several local and international zoos and breeding programs.

Exotic animals for sale

We do not treat our animals like merchandise. You cannot purchase any animals "on the website". If you are interested in purchasing a baby we require a text, phone call or email.

Food, cages, equipment and supplies

We have used many products over the 15+years of experience with our exotics; we are now offering some of our home made foods and supplements as well as our favourite cages and supplies.


Where is your office located?
We are located at 127, Isolo Rd, Mushin, Lagos by UBA Bank and 92/94 Park Avenue, GRA-Enugu

Do you ship animals?
YES! We offer safe land and air shipping through transporters. We have shipped for over 15 years with these transporters and NEVER had any serious problems. It is very safe, and reliable! We schedule and book with the transporters and you arrive at their park to pick the animals up. Several animals, even different species, may be shipped together for a minimal additional cost, depending on shipment. *Not all species or animals can be shipped together* All animals are transported in a perforated wooden cage.

Shipping is done same-day, we will drop of your breeders in the morning and you will receive your animals within a few hours depending on how far you are from Lagos and Enugu.

 Is shipping safe?

Absolutely. I have been shipping live animals using the transporters for many years; I have shipped my own personal pets with no issues or concerns.  All live animal shipping is SAME DAY. I drop the animals off in the morning; they arrive to you within a few hours.
All animals are in a roomy perforated cage to keep them comfortable.
Small and nocturnal animals are shipped completely covered, no one can see in and they can’t see out. This keeps them in a calm, dark environment without unnecessary stress.

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Absolutely, we offer "arriving healthy" guarantee on all our animals.

Why are some breeders only available during certain times of the year?
Some species have very specific breeding cycles and ONLY have breed during certain times of the year.

Can we come pick up our baby and visit the animals?
We breed and maintain our animals at and in our farm. We do not allow anyone to come to "look around" as we are not a zoo. We also maintain a sanitary and quarantine environment and our management does not allow visitors in certain areas of our facility.

We realize that you may be making a sizable investment in our animals, and we encourage you to come to pick up your new baby at our offices whenever possible. We prefer this option as it allows us to meet you, and gives us the chance to help you in the initial introduction to your exotic baby and the responsibilities it will entail.

Do we have satisfied client references?
We have been breeding and raising grasscutters and other animals for many years and we have literally hundreds of very happy clients and countless repeat clients; all of whom I will not subject to countless emails, calls or letters to help me sell more animals. In the past I have given out references to anyone who asked, but this was abused and I’m not going to have my clients called 20 times a day for a simple reference. We are on Facebook and have many clients stay in touch with us there and have discussions on our page. CONTACT US ANYTIME: 08033262 808

Why are some animals less expensive than others?
We keep our prices on the low end of the market on most of our animals. All of our babies are individually priced based on sex, color, and estimated adult characteristics. We are a family owned business and our animals have certain expenses that are covered by these babies we sell. Our number one priority is finding the BEST home possible.  

Why purchase an animal from Jovana Farms?
We are here for the animals, not to make a quick buck. Over 70% of our animals eat fresh organic food daily- we stay away from as much processed and "commercial diets" as possible. The health and happiness of our animals comes first and foremost.

Do you sell food and supplies?

Due to incredible demand, we are now offering our most requested food and supplies to our customers

Do you raise/sell any other species not listed above?
We have an extensive network of excellent exotic breeders and if we don’t have something you are looking for we can certainly steer you in the right direction to another breeder of repute.
* On that note we would be happy to network with anyone interested in trades/ breeding or simply to connect and share notes or experiences.








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