Banana / Plaintain Suckers

Plantain and banana occupies a strategic position for rapid food production in Nigeria. It is ranked third among starchy staple foods. Production still remains largely in the hands of small scale producers who, over the years, have ingeniously integrated it into various cropping systems. Contributions of plantain and banana to the income of farmers continue to increase tremendously in the last few years. Unlike some other starchy food whose demand tends to fall with rising income, demand for plantain and banana increases every day.

Plantain is a major source of carbohydrate for many people in Nigeria. In fact, all stages of the fruits from immature to overripe are used as a source of food. The immature fruits are peeled, sliced, dried and made into powder and consumed. The mature fruits are consumed boiled, steamed, baked, pounded, roasted, or sliced and fried into chips.
Plantain / banana fruits can be processed into flour and packaged for a long time. The natural flavours in the powder can be utilized in industrial food processing. Foods such as ice creams, yoghurt and custard are flavoured to enhance their taste. Currently, these flavours are imported into Nigeria in a synthetic form.

Nurseries / suckers are one of the most lucrative aspects of plantain and banana farming. Their multiplication is high as one mature plantain can produce seven suckers or more. We can deliver quality banana / plantain suckers to the doorstep of interested farmers nationwide.

At Jovana Integrated Farms we remain committed to providing farmers with improved plantain suckers with fast growth and early fruiting. Our plantain species are always a sure bet, exceeding farmers’ expectations in terms of performance and profitability in all the farms across the country where they are being used. We have what it takes to make you successful; if you desire to invest in plantain production. We are ready and experienced to train, guide and mentor you wisely from site survey, farm set-up, etc.

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080 33262 808 / 08029373076 / 080 52168189
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