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You should know as much about the quality and importance of proper feeding and management of your new animal as the people who bred it. The Jovana farms VCD & BOOKS tells you how to maintain your animals and enables you to correctly manage your own breeding operation.

The answers to many questions and more are yours to discover. The JOVANA FARMS self-tutorial VCD and books are just jam-packed full of practical and potentially very profitable information.

We’ve provided the answers to the most pressing questions and concerns faced by agribusiness interested people like you.

Virtually every necessary Information is covered for You inside the VCD and books

  • The Business Issues (like how many cages you need and what the marketable by-products are)
  • The Care Issues (like feeding, breeding, and necessary preventive actions)
  • And much more!

Order for our self-tutorial VCD & book, and train yourself. The primary objective is to bring this golden opportunity to the door step of every Nigerian as a very sure and potent means of conquering poverty.

The following training materials will surely help prospective farmers avoid unnecessary mistakes, and enable serious investors to learn the nitty-gritty of the farming business in their locality/environment.



Jovana Integrated Farms

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JOVANA INTEGRATED FARMS is a leading agricultural project management company with a core focus on breeding and marketing products of grasscutter, ostrich, snail, fish, mushroom, etc. We provide services across the entire grasscutter, ostrich and other livestock production, offering training services and solutions....
080 33262 808 / 08029373076 / 080 52168189
Fertile Grasscutters Breeding Families Available for Sale  ,
Mushroom, Seeds & Bags Available for Sale
127, Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos.
92 / 94 Park Avenue, GRA, Enugu.
Owerri-Aba Exp. Rd; Airport Junction, Umuowa, Ngor-Okpalla, Imo
90 Days Old Ostrich Breeders Available for Sale
18 Months Old Snail Breeders Available for Sale
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