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Although chickens and turkeys make up by far the largest portion of the poultry industry, other types of poultry are also grown. In some parts of the world, poultry such as ducks, quails and geese make up a major portion of the total poultry output. In China and Southeast Asia, ducks, quails and geese make up a large part of the overall diet.

In some ways, these birds are actually easier to raise than chickens and turkeys. They withstand harsh weather better and resist disease better than turkeys and chickens. Another advantage of growing geese and ducks is that the feathers are used to make bedding and other goods.

In this country, most ducks and geese are raised in small flocks by hobbyists or part-time producers. Most of the meat sold goes to the restaurant trade or gourmet food market.
About the only other poultry production of any significance is that of growing quails. This bird is grown for the healthy meat and medicinal eggs.

If you are interested in starting breeding operation of geese, ducks and quail in your locality or looking at significantly upgrading the quality of your flocks in terms of fertility, hardiness, adaptability and meat carrying capacity, we can help you get the right birds on your farm.

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080 33262 808 / 08029373076 / 080 52168189
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127, Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos.
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