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ATTENTION: If you have a grasscutter business or you are about to start one this may be the most valuable letter you will ever read…”

“Warning: Don’t Even Think of Raising Grasscutters Until You Attend Jovana Farms Nationwide Livestock Trainings Or You Buy Our Self-Tutorial VCD & Book on Profitable Grasscutter Farming!”

Dear Friend,
Did you know that demand for grasscutter meat has increased by 320% from 2001, and is expected to steadily increase in the years to come?

Did you also know that the price of grasscutter meat in Nigeria, the United States (and Canada, the U.K., and France) is high because there’s a serious LACK OF SUPPLY?

It’s a fact: demand for grasscuttert meat is increasing substantially every year, but there aren’t enough farmers raising meat grasscutters!

You’d never think the grasscutter business could be that big of an industry, could you?
Hi, my name is Prince Arinze Onebunne of JOVANA FARMS, but you can just call me "The Grasscutter Guy” I started farming grasscutter as a profitable farming opportunity many years ago, and haven’t looked back.

Over the past few years I’ve amassed a lot of knowledge on what it takes to quickly scale up a grasscutter operation.

I've decided to share everything that I've learned over the years with you through my nationwide Agro- Seminars and self-tutorial VCD and book!

"Grasscutter industry is fastest-growing segment of farm industry right now"

If you're looking to expand your farm into the industry of the future, you’ve come to the right place. The grasscutter industry is....

  • 100% Recession Proof
  • Growing by leaps and bounds
  • No Special Education or Experience is Needed
  • Fast to start (if you do it right)
  • Highly profitable (if you do it right)

Are grasscutter right for your farm?

Only if you like all of the many added benefits of raising grasscutters:

  • Grasscutters are hardy animals that can adapt to many different environments
  • Crossbreed grasscutters are fast growing (which means you can breed them quicker than ordinary breeds)
  • Crossbreeds grasscutters can prosper on poor pasture!
  • Grasscutters are tame, gentle animals and the more you handle them, the gentler they become
  • Hybrid grasscutters are good breeders. Under good conditions, Quality breed grasscutter can kid 2 times in a year or more!
  • Right breed grasscutters consistently produce more muscling in less time than other breeds
  • They are good milkers, allowing them to raise multiple offspring with excellent weight gains
  • Crossbreed female kids can reach puberty at 6 months of age and are considered early breeders. Male kids can be used for breeding at 7 to 8 months of age
  • Compared with other grasscutter breeds, crossbreeds put on more weight and generally look fuller and healthier.

"Demand for Grasscutters Just Keeps Growing"

Many of my friends ask me, “Why is demand for grasscutter meat increasing so quickly?” Here are just three of the biggest reasons:

Pregnant Crossbreed Grasscutter

    • Grasscutter meat, has the lowest cholesterol levels, is lean and contains high levels of nutrients.
    • Grasscutters are farmed naturally, so no growth stimulants, chemicals or supplements containing animal protein are fed to the animals.
    •  As more people turn to healthier diets, demand for grasscutter meat will only increase further.
  1. “But Proven Methods for Grasscutter Farming are Hard to Find”

    Now, I know you’re aware of the HUGE opportunity that grasscutter represent today. Good breed grasscutter represent the FUTURE of massive livestock profits.
    The question is: why haven’t you taken action to start your own grasscutter operation?

    Don’t tell me – I know the answer (because I’ve been there!)

    Nobody likes to “risk the farm” (ever wonder where that saying comes from?). We all want to be smart. We all want to get into a business at the right time, at the right place, and with the right information.

    After all, who wants to lose money and time if they don’t need to? Not to mention have a WHOLE LOT of unnecessary stress!

    There’s nothing worse than trying to learn about a new industry and finding a lot of useless information at the Roadside.

    (Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all of those “history of the grasscutter” documentaries. But we’re in this to make money and provide for our families, right? Skip the fluff and show me the money!)

    Now, you've probably already done a lot of research online. That's the easy part.

    The hard part is getting specific information about what it's really like to raise grasscutters and run a grasscutter operation for profit!

    Sure, there's a lot of general information out there ... but you've already seen all of that.

    Without the real business facts, you won't get past reading about the origins of grasscutter and all that nice stuff all over again.

    And where does that leave you?
    Right at the beginning with your most important questions about raising grasscutters and getting started in the business - still left unanswered.

    It's Time For You To Leave the Internet Library And Attend Jovana Farms nationwide seminars on grasscutter farming and other livestock. Better Still, Order For Our Self-Tutorial VCD and Book on profitable Grasscutter Farming. We Have Actually Raised Grasscutters For Profit!”

    Trainees observing male grasscutter

    Jovana Farms provides information and expertise aimed at sustainability, has trained more than 3000 farmers in Nigeria and other African countries on profitable grasscutter farming over the past five years. Listen, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to be successful in this business if you have the right knowledge and quality animal.

    A farmer with no training, poor-quality animals and little or no animal health programme, and who suffers high stock losses from mortalities doesn’t remain motivated for long.

    The market already exists. New farmers should be provided with the basics upon which to build a business to supply that market. This consists of training, foundation stock and essential inputs, as well as meaningful mentorship.

    • You need to ask LOTS of questions.
    • You need to HEAR the answers for yourself.
    • You need to talk to JOVANA FARMS about the industry, and their Consumers about the tasty meat.

    But the problem is...

    • How do you know you're asking the RIGHT questions?
    • How do you know you're asking ALL the questions?
    • How do you know you're making progress?
    • How do you make the time to locate good markets for your grasscutters, arrange the appointments, and supply the buyers?

    When I first heard of grasscutter, I had my own personal set of questions too. I wondered ... how do I know what I really should be asking? How can I be sure to cover all the bases? How do I learn what other people are having a hard time finding about grasscutter farming information?

    Crossbred Male Grasscutter Like This One Can Easily Sell for N10, 000 at Jovana Farms

    So what I'm saying is, you can discover and learn from the answers to the hundreds of questions I asked during my research.

    If you want to take advantage of the EXPLOSIVE GROWTH in demand for grasscutters...
    And if you'd like to seriously consider raising these cute and charming creatures...

    Then you're just moments away from discovering the need to attend JOVANA FARMS nationwide grasscutter seminars or buy our self-tutorial VCD and book that will share with you our own personal secrets of grasscutter farming business success.

    As you might expect, all the standard questions will be thoroughly covered (care, breeding, health & marketing issues, land, cages, shelter, etc.).

    Empower yourself! Attend JOVANA FARMS 4-in-1 Nationwide Agro-Seminars on Profitable Farming of GRASSCUTTER, MUSHROOM, SNAIL & GOAT N15,000


     22 August 2021 ISOLO: Plot 49 Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, near StanbicIBTC Bank 11 AM
     12 August 2021 ASABA: Fidmed Hotels, 67 Ibusa Rd. 11 AM
    11 August 2021 BENIN CITY: Hotel Philomena, 19, Okhoro Road, Off New Lagos Rd 1 PM
     28 August 2021 PORT-HARCOURT:Base Hotel, 33, NTA / Choba Rd; By Redeemed Church, Rumuokwuta 9 AM
    10 July 2021 ENUGU:92 / 94, Park Avenue, GRA 11 AM
    8 July 2021 ABUJA:Belvoir Hotel, 73 Lome Str; Wuse Zone 7 1 PM
    12 July 2021 EKWULOBIA:Orthon Palace Hotel, Stadium Rd. 11 AM

    We'll tell you where the money is, and where it is not.

    “Imagine YOU, Raising Your Own Grasscutters Profitably! Here's How You Can Move Closer To That Reality”

    You've probably spent hours looking for this kind of information online. You can try, but you just won't find these personal secrets anywhere else.
    Just like participating in our nationwide livestock seminars and talking with us face-to-face, you will feel quite at home as we share with you the answers you've wanted to know to questions such as...

    • What types of vegetation do grasscutters thrive on?
    • What is the advantage of rearing Crossbreeds grasscutter compared to other grasscutters?
    • What is the best number of Grasscutters to start a decent meat grasscutter production business?
    • Where are the best places to buy Grasscutters from?
    • What should I look for in a good grasscutter rating?
    • What is the life span on average of grasscutters?
    • What is the profitability of Crossbreed grasscutters compared to other breeds of grasscutter and other livestock?
    • Are grasscutters prone to getting any particular diseases or health problems? Which ones?
    • Can I keep grasscutters in a cheap cage (like a wooden cage) and still keep them productive?
    • How many Grasscutters should I keep per breeding cage?
    • What is the best age or weight to breed a doe?
    • What is the length of pregnancy of a Crossbreed doe?
    • How can I get my Crossbreed does to produce large litters (7-9 at a go)?
    • How do you know when a doe is ready to breed?
    • What things can I do to improve the quality of my herd as quickly and cheaply as possible?
    • What things should I look for when I’m buying breeding stock?
    • What does “synchronizing the breeding season” mean, and how can I do it?
    • What type of housing is best?
    • What type of salt do my Grasscutters need to get?
    • What treatments do I need to give my Grasscutter kids right after they’re born?
    • What’s the best way to market my Grasscutters?
    • Can Grasscutters manure be used for growing vegetables?
    • What by-products of Grasscutters can I sell?

    The answers to all of these questions and more are yours to discover. The JOVANA FARMS nationwide agro-seminars, VCD and book are just jam-packed full of practical and potentially very profitable information.

    We’ve provided the answers to the most pressing questions and concerns faced by grasscutter interested people like you.

     “Virtually Every Facet of Grasscutter Farming Information is Covered for You Inside The VCD and books and Seminar Proper”

    • The Business Issues (like how many cages you need and what the marketable by-products are)
    • The Care Issues (like feeding, breeding, and necessary preventive actions)
    • And much more!

    And yet there's still more...

    Grasscutter Meat: The preffered choice for all

    That's because along with these training programs to get you up and to speed about how to run a successful grasscutter farm in as short a time as possible!

    “Here's Exactly What You'll Learn From The Nationwide Seminars and Self Tutorial Materials Virtually Every Thing You Can Imagine About How To Successfully Run Your Grasscutter Business and Raise a Productive and Healthy Rodent!”

    We started our grasscutter farms with average knowledge of grasscutters many years ago. Now, we sell our grasscutter breeding family that comprises one-male and four-females from N50, 000-N60, 000, depending on the breed, weight and age!

    We only specialize in captive bred Grasscutter so our knowledge on grasscutters is second to none. For anyone thinking of purchasing good breed and wants the best grasscutter hand in hand with the best service and knowledge then you have come to the right place.

    If you are interested in starting a grasscutter breeding operation in your locality or looking at significantly upgrading the quality of your flocks in terms of fertility, hardiness, adaptability and meat carrying capacity, we can help you get the right animals on your farm.

    “Are you weary of investing a large amount of capital on cheap and poor quality grasscutter breeding families, only to be disappointed when the animals rapidly loose condition and lack libido when you get them to your farm? Our Crossbreed Grasscutters will change your attitude!”

    We have fertile grasscutter breeders for sale

    Here's what you'll discover…

    * Exactly how much time it will take you to be profitable

    * The key differences between Crossbreed and other breeds of grasscutters in terms of temperament ease of breeding, and diseases

    * The single most important thing you need to do to protect your profits

    * The one investment that makes the biggest difference in the quality in your herd

    * The 3 most important things you need to know before raising grasscutters

    * What to avoid feeding your grasscutters

    * How to synchronize the breeding seasons, and the benefits of doing so

    * The 2 health and feeding steps to take as soon as your does have given birth

    * The single most important thing a new farmer can do to jump-start their herd

    * A sneaky feeding trick that will *ensure* your pregnant does get the nutrition they need

    * Why genetics are so important to building a profitable grasscutter farm, and what to look for in the genetics of your grasscutters

    * Why caring for your grasscutters’ TEETH is so important

    * How to avoid inbreeding 

    * How to know if does are ready to breed

    * How to re-introduce your does back into the herd after they've bred (this is MUCH more important than it sounds!)

    * The exact weight that buyers like to buy meat at

    * One unusual way to tell if a grasscutter is sick

    * Seven things successful grasscutter breeders look for in breeding stock

    * How to tell when your doe is about to give birth

    * How to tell if your doe needs help giving birth, and two ways to help her

    * The one reason you don’t need a lot of bucks to grow a big herd

    * Why you should buy your bucks from a breeder, not a hunter

    Eight things to look for in a good buck

    * The SINGLE hardest thing about raising grasscutters – and how to overcome it

    * The two most common killers of grasscutters in domestication

    * Why it is ESSENTIAL that you write a business plan (includes a fill-in-the-blanks business plan template that can use to get going right away!)

    * And MUCH, MUCH more!

    Now You Really Can Get Solid Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions About Earning A Full Time Income With Grasscutters, Without much stress, Or Even Leaving Home! So How Much Is"Knowing How To Run A Really Successful and Profitable Grasscutter Farm Worth To You?"

    When you do decide to purchase your first grasscutters for breeding, even just one of the hundreds of tips in this training program could easily save you N100, 000 or more in bad decisions. And of course, learning how to successfully grow a herd of high quality grasscutters can make you a full time income and a sizable nest egg when you're ready to retire.

    Second, you get access to the insider's world of the grasscutter farming business at a bargain price because you won't have to invest a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort to.

    Just imagine discovering the answers to all of the above, as we reveal to you our own personal insights and secrets about the grasscutter farming business - all from the comfort of your own home or by attending our seminar nearest to you.
    That means...

    • No more running around trying to get the real grasscutter farming information and practical insights about building a grasscutter farming business...
    • No more frustrating searching for the specific information to your hard questions

    And no more relying on bits and pieces of limited information.

    To satisfy this demand, Jovana Farms, has developed an intensive one-day Livestock Farming course aimed at addressing the needs of farmers.

    The workshop is presented in laymans language. It draws on practical experience gained over many years of animal farming; experience and knowledge that is shared with farmers looking to enter the Livestock sector. Existing farmers looking to improve their profitability and sustainability will also benefit greatly from this seminar.

    Our grasscutters are tame, gentle animals and the more you handle them, the gentlier they become

    Seminar Fee is N15, 000; this includes certificate of completion and good refreshment. Can’t attend? Pay N7, 500 for each Self-tutorial VCD & BOOK into JOVANA INTEGRATED FARMS, UBA Account No: 1004968464 Or FIRST BANK, Account No: 202 4343 901, after payment, send us your details via SMS & receive the document by courier.

    This intensive one-day course will equip participants with the essential skills they need to improve their profitability and sustainability. It is aimed at new and existing farmers who have a workable knowledge of livestock farming and who are looking to improve their knowledge levels.

    It covers all aspects of the above mentioned animals management. The course starts at 10am and finishes at around 3pm. Courses are presented bilingually in English and Pidgin. Courses can also be offered at any suitable venue in Nigeria should a minimum of 30 students book per course. The course – which allows you to apply your newly acquired knowledge in your own operation right away -covers the following aspects as follows: Overview of Grasscutter, Snail, Goat and Fish farming enterprise, Economically important traits of the animals, Animal health & preventative medicine, Feeding & nutrition, Reproduction/ fast multiplication, Managing the Breeding Season, Marketing & Export,  Improving your profitability, etc.

    One of the major challenges in livestock farming is getting the right breed, and this opens up a golden opportunity for technically based companies like us to fill this gap. We do not only provide good breeders of grasscutter, fish and snail, we also teach farmers how to feed them with quality materials.

    JOVANA FARMS won her reputation by helping farmers make more money in livestock production. We did it by providing our customers with improved specie of the animals, and a full set of very practical, and detailed training programs.
     Five Good Reasons to Buy the Self-Tutorial VCD & Book and also attend our nationwide livestock seminars.

    1. The grasscutter meat market is TAKING OFF – but the winners in this industry will be the farmers who take action to start building their business NOW.
    2. Your family deserves financial security! And what better way to do that than to diversify your farm and get into a fast-growing market.
    3. As more people turn to healthier diets, demand for grasscutter meat will only continue to grow.
    4. If you already own a farm, adding Grasscutters to your operation will be easy – if you have the right knowledge to avoid making expensive mistakes.
    5. All the information on how to start a profitable grasscutter business can be gotten from us – no need to spend hours searching for it (time is money)!
      Our grasscutters are tame, gentle animals and the more you handle them, the gentlier they become

    CONTACT us for CONSULTANCY or attend JOVANA FARMS seminars nearest to you and discover everything you need to know about breeding grasscutters for profit! Can’t attend? Order for Self-tutorial VCD & BOOK. or Call: 080 33262 808, for more details. Choose also the nearest seminar venue from the training scheduled in this article or in our WEBSITE.

    To your successful Grasscutter farming business,

    Prince Arinze Onebunne
    Jovana Integrated Farms
    127 Isolo Rd, Mushin Lagos
    92/94 Park Ave, GRA-Enugu
    Owerri-Aba Express Rd, Airport Junction, Umuowa, Ngor Okpalla, Imo.

    Are you still playing the Thomas? If so, then you have a long waiting to do on the unemployment queue. Avoid writing hundreds, possibly thousands of job application where you “beg to apply” instead of settling down with this easy-to-start, profitable agribusiness that will help you build up your business capital, feed yourself and your family, get others employed and launch you en-route your financial freedom.

    1. Quality grasscutter breeding stocks.
    2. Breeding Cages, Feeders, Drinkers & Handling Gadget for Grasscutter farming.
    3. Table Size grasscutters for consumption, Restaurants Supplies & for Export Market
    4. Grasscutter supplement feed, etc.
    5. Fish Fingerlings
    6. Snail Breeders
    7. Mushroom and bags

    The whole package were specifically prepared with the potential grasscutter owner in mind. So if you want to see for yourself how every day people (with no previous experience in grasscutters) can make a full time income while enjoying the indoors and bonding with these happy and prolific critters called grasscutters-The choice is yours!

    We cultivate oyster mushrooms naturally with agricultural waste materials to produce our high quality edible oyster mushrooms for top class hotels and restaurants and mushroom spawn and bag for people who would like to harvest their ownready-made from their kitchen. We deliver year round on our weekly route to stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and individuals.

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